One Friday Morning(Book Trailer)

Imagine you win an amazing award only to have it taken away in one single paragraph.Well that’s what happens in this story,One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes.

In this story a girl who is colored gets an award,but only to get it taken away because of her skin color but instead of just doing nothing she decides to do something about it.This  book is perfect for schools around the world as it has questions,a backstory and a whole lot more.Also this book includes some interesting words such as “Negro”Segregated” and more!If you’d like to know more about this book you can find it online or in your local library.This book is great for people trying to learn more about Negros and there life in america. I hope you enjoyed my book trailer.Also this book is based on a true story. Thank you for watching



One thought on “One Friday Morning(Book Trailer)

  1. This is great Jaxson! You spoke clearly and carefully. I like how you said why you think about the book being great for all schools. For next time, remember to smile. This will engage your audience even more.

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