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Recount:Team 4 Fun Day Term 3 2022

Recount: Team 4 Fun Day Term 3 2022



On Thursday the 1st of September, Team 4 had a fun day. Can you remember all of the things that we did? The teachers set up a whole lot of activities for us to do, and we hope you all had fun. Now it is your turn to write about your experiences.





Para 1 Multi Sport
Para 2 Dodge Ball
Para 3 Ice Cream and Caroke 
Para 4 Bike
Para 5 Jousting
Para 6 Bouncy Castle
Conclusion To explain what I did at fun day


Start your writing here.

→ On Sep 1st we had a team 3 fun day.We could even wear mufti and dress how we wanted.I gotta big story to tell you.


So when I got to class we sat down made sure everyone was here and then we moved to under Tekapua.It was a sunny day and we were so excited.We said hi to our teachers and then got ready.


There were 6 Rotations and the 1st one we had was Multisport.We split up into 4 teams.There were 3 games but we just decided to pick Basketball and soccer.


We played basketball 1st and lost because we did not get a goal.When we got to soccer I was very excited because Soccer was my favourite sport.I was goalie and we started playing.


Our team accidentally handballed the ball so it was a free kick.I had to block and when Ponyamon Kicked the ball I reached my hands out and caught it and that time we won.The next rotation we had was dodgeball.


Dodgeball was very fun and this is how it went.1st Petero and Julias put us in 2 teams 1 and 2.I was in team 2 and the 1st round we lost 2nd round we won and the 3rd round we were a draw.


The next one we were off to was IceCream and Karaoke.There was table tennis so I ate my ice cream and played a few games until we had to go to MorningTea.After morning tea we had bikes and I grabbed a Blue Mountain Bike.


It was very fun and near the end I acted like I did not know how to ride and when Ponyamon Catched up he said Lol look at Jaxson he don’t know how to ride but when he said that I sped off and didn’t look back.The next Rotation was the bouncy castle and I had lots of fun.We had to race each other and I vs Hunter and it was so much fun.


Even our teacher had a turn and vs the students.The last rotation,Rotation 6 was a competition and it was jousting.I had lots of fun but we had to vs 1 person whoever won stays and whoever loses goes to the back of the line.

I lost but still had a fun time.At the end of the day we had to turn back into a regular Pt England Student and that was how my day went!

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