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Rotoroa Island RecountR

Task description: This week we have been learning how to use descriptive language in our recounts to add detail. In week five we were lucky enough to go to Rotoroa Island and for our task we needed to write a recount. Please check out my recount below.

On a very windy Thursday morning I woke up and got dressed cause today I was going to Rotoroa island.I got in the car with my mom and went to school.When we got to school I went inside the hall and we got a pin badge that had our name on it.We then had a korero with Mr Burt and Mrs Nua.We then entered the bus and headed towards the ferry.

When we got to the docks we had to be searched with a trained dog that could smell or notice if there’s a animal/pest that can hurt the species on the island.We then grabbed our bags and got a pass for the ferry.Then when we got on the ferry we put our bags down and sat down on the mat and couch.Than a lady came and told us about the animals and especially about the whales in the sea.

When we got to the island we went into some kind of shelter and the employees talked to us about the island.Than we got out and started walking up this hill.When we got to this shelter we split up and started to look at other places

We than played a game and finished off with eating and then returning to the boat.When we got onto the boat we sat down and than told that we could go to the bow.I went to the top of the ferry and lied down and ate until we got back to sky city.We than got onto the bus and went back to school.When we got back to school I was tired and slept on the way back home.

I felt very energetic and funny because there was a time where we were on the stern and I dropped my hat in the ocean.It was a fun and energetic trip.