Miri and Raru Create Task

Hi and this week for our create task we had to choose between 6 choices,the choices were

Draw or illustrate an important event from the story you’ve been reading using pencil and paper.

Post a photo of your work.

Write a different end to the story you’ve been reading in a Google Doc. Create a cover for the story you’ve been reading using AI tools (OpenArt or Craiyon)
Recreate an important moment from the text you’ve been reading using a photo of yourself as the character. Record a video review of the text including what it is, what parts you liked, and who you might recommend the story to. Create a GIF using Photopea that shows how a character feels in the story you’ve been reading.

I picked “Create a cover for the story you’ve been reading using AI tools (OpenArt or Craiyon)”.When I finished picking I hopped on OpenArt and started writing down Someone Drawing monsters,Once I Write that It came up with a little girl drawing monsters which matched the description of Miri perfectly so I decided to use it for my cover.I then put the picture into google drawings and added some finishing details like the name and the illustrator and I was finally finished.Thanks for reading,bye!

One thought on “Miri and Raru Create Task

  1. Kia Oro jaxson nice work it is great I am liking what You did for your picture it is really cool and has a lot of detail did you do this by yourself or with a group or your friends and I hope you have good and great day today bye jaxson.

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