Month: February 2024

Smart Goals

Hi and these are my smart goals for this term.

For my smart goal I want to be able to read at least one 100 page book by the end of the term.

By the end of the term I want to be able to read books for enjoyment so I can get better at reading.

I would like to be able to finish at least 1 book every week for the next 6 weeks.

Nz TimeLine

Hi and today at Extention we made a Nz Timeline.We had to unscramble these sentences to make them fit into the time that it happened the.I hope you liked my Nz Timeline.Thank you and bye:)

One Friday Morning(Book Trailer)

Imagine you win an amazing award only to have it taken away in one single paragraph.Well that’s what happens in this story,One Friday Morning by Langston Hughes.

In this story a girl who is colored gets an award,but only to get it taken away because of her skin color but instead of just doing nothing she decides to do something about it.This  book is perfect for schools around the world as it has questions,a backstory and a whole lot more.Also this book includes some interesting words such as “Negro”Segregated” and more!If you’d like to know more about this book you can find it online or in your local library.This book is great for people trying to learn more about Negros and there life in america. I hope you enjoyed my book trailer.Also this book is based on a true story. Thank you for watching



A time you were surprised W2 T1


Write about a time you were surprised or shocked. Make sure you write to the best of your ability. Use great descriptive and imaginative vocabulary and make sure you use correct punctuation and spelling. 


I cannot wait to read these!


Start your writing here:1st Story:(Hi my name is Jaxson and today I will be telling you the story of when I was chased by a dog.)It’s around the evening when I was playing with my neighbors,we were passing the ball around until one of my other friends pulled up with no one else except for his dog.


I was shocked because I hadn’t known that he had a dog.Back then I was stupid so I decided to approach the dog.As I approached I heard the dog do a faint growl.As soon as I heard that I booked it back towards my house while the dog started to chase me.


As I ran past the cars my other neighbors started running back to their house.As I ran past one of them I say “Run!”.I knew that I wasn’t as fast as the dog so I started swerving between each and every car until I got back to my house.


As I enter the gates I run onto the deck as the gate closes in front of the dog.As I sit down trying to catch my breath the owner of the dog came and grabbed the dog.He then said that he was sorry about what just happened.I was also shocked to hear that the dog was actually a retired K9.(Police Dog)That day I was lucky enough to get away. Since then I’ve been scared to go outside.


2nd Story:It’s about 2:30 when I exited the school gate with some of my friends.Since we don’t live close to each other we all had to split up at the crossings.


As I was walking past a construction site I look behind me and see a dog all alone close behind me.When I saw the dog I looked for the nearest crossing and crossed over to the other side.When I got to the other side I finally got a sense of relief.Little did I know what was up ahead.


As I was walking past the kidney center a dog from the other side of the road started barking at me through his gates.As I look back from the dog I was shocked to see another dog but instead of just one there were two just sitting on a patch of grass right next to the kidney center.


As I start walking back one of the dogs starts staring at me.As it stares I run back towards where I crossed and went into the kidney center parking lot.As I enter the dog follows me close behind.As it starts to approach me I run in front of the cars back to where I came in from.


As I turn the corner I was shocked to see the dog from before.As it sees me it gets startled and runs away.It also left me in shock.As I watched it run away I hear footsteps and remember the dog that was chasing me before.As it approaches me I run back into the parking lot.


When I got inside I see my mom drive by.As I watch her,I don’t realize the dog getting closer and closer.As I lose sight of her I finally realize the dog  approaching.


As it ran towards me I run around the cars once again to see if I could find my mom.As I exited the parking lot I see my mom but instead of passing me once again she instead parked.


As she parked I jumped in looking out the window to see the dog that was chasing me.As I set my bag and Chromebook down I caught my breath and finally felt a sense of relief.


As we drive off my mom asks why I look so shocked.After she says that I explain what happened and how the dogs chased me.Ever since that day I stopped walking back home.