200 Word Challenge

200 Word Challenge – Descriptive Language


Look at the picture below carefully and complete the table.

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Who is in the photo? A professional rock climber named Tommy Caldwell and a director of a upcoming National Geographic video named Jimmy chin who is taking a picture of the climber
What is happening in the photo? The Photographer on the right is taking a picture of the professional rock climber who is on the left hand side of the picture.
Where was the photo taken? The photo was taken on the edge of a mountain named Yosemite in Usa,California.
What makes this exciting? The height of where the photo was taken,and Tommy who is climbing the Mountain.
How do you think the characters feel? Tommy Caldwell :I think he is not Nervous but just a bit scared because Tommy is probably used to doing things like this. Jimmy Chin: I also think he is not nervous but scared because he is a professional photographer and already has done lot of things like this.


Write a 200 Word recount as either the CLIMBER or the PHOTOGRAPHER.


Remember; your challenge is to use DESCRIPTIVE Language to SHOW, not TELL your audience what is happening.


Begin your writing here:In the early 2000s a Professional Rock Climber that goes by the name of Tommy Caldwell and a director for a upcoming National Geographic video about a famous mountain called Yosemite in California,Usa climbed Yosemite with 1 other person who right now is unknown.

This photo was a behind the scenes of a upcoming video for National Geographic which has already been published on their website,If you would want to see it then go to their website and find it.

They climbed Yosemite around 4:00 and got up to a amazing height of about 700 feet in the air when they had took this picture.As you can see in the picture is Professional Rock Climber Tommy Caldwell who is on the left hand side of the screen and Photographer Jimmy chin who is on the right hand side of the screen.

In the background you can see more mountains,trees,and also some of the equipment they used to climb up Yosemite.

Their day ended of with them taking a few more shots for the video,until going back to the bottom,collecting their belongings and going back home safely.I hoped you liked this.Bye.

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