Extension Film Festival Movie Storyboard (Update)

Hi my name is Jaxson and today I will be showing you our storyboard for our Extension  Film Festival Movie,On the 1st day of extension we started making these storyboards for our Film Festival Movie,Me and my other friends Maung Maung and John started making our part of the Story board 1st Mrs Burton gave us a choice on what part of the script we would like to do.We decided to choose  here is a picture of what we didI drew some of them two for  For example the phone hanging up or the person falling off the playground, When we finished drawing these we started to cut them out one by one and than stick them to the main Story board,While me and Maung Maung were cutting,John Grabbed the glue stick and started glueing them to the story board. when we finished cutting and sticking the pages on to the storyboard we started on the check lists.Find the other post on my blog.Thank you bye!

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