Term 3 – Give it a go!Art Works

Highlights from this term:

Hi my name is Jaxson and this is the last day of term 3 so I am gonna tell you what I had fun doing this term.I had lots of things I had fun with and my 1st one has to be our fun day.Our fun day was one of my most specialist day of this term.

We had so many good memories this term like our give it a goes  games and sports.Most importantly work!I personally think this term was better than Term 1 & 2 but idk what Term 4 is gonna bring us.

Term 3 was a good term and I loved most of it and how we played lots of games did heaps of work.I loved this term and how we learned new skill.Term was probably my best term my whole life.

It’s week 10 and I had a fun time.Doing work playing games and just have so much fun.Until it came up to Week 10 on friday.This will be my last post probably in 2 weeks because we have a holiday.

Thanks to every who has supported me during this year and mostly to my teacher and my parents.Bye



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