Month: November 2023

Scratch Project(Creative Space)

Hi my name is Jaxson and for this term, in creative space we had to design something for the outdoors.1st we had to design something, then I hopped onto scratch and started to draw a bench, it was hard in the beginning but at the end I started to get use to it and I finished the drawing.After the drawing was finished I had to come up with an idea to use to show my bench,then I came up with an idea of a story, to see the story click the green flag.

Pm Reader Task

PM Reader Challenge – Wild and Wooly


For this task you need to do some reading out loud. 


  1. You will record a video of yourself reading the first page of your PM Reader.
  2. At the SAME TIME you will use the Voice Typing feature on this Google Doc.


This will give you an opportunity to hear how you read, and to see how accurate your pronunciation is.


Start your Voice Typing here: Mum I called urgently from the back door.Marco will be here in 10 minutes come and just see mom replied she made her way from the horse paddock  through the long grass and weeds that we laughingly refer to as the back guard it didn’t matter how of the mode that yarn the grass always bring back the more vigorous and glad to be alive then ever  my heart was fluttering in my chest like a frighten rabbits 14 years and for some reason he had to spend the school holidays I hadn’t seen market for years lesson apartment and they’re both famous museum mom and I lived on a hobby farm it actually closes Neighborhood then land down I used to have sheep in the floor and brandy will that was all s was home to dwindling and expect to be entertained they will be muddled I was different was on in case market wanted to connect to social media straight away that’s the Kitchens I lost everything.

(Sorry if Words are a little off,also the recording had cut off while I was reading so I hadn’t noticed)


Attach the Google Drive link to your video here;



Once you have finished reading the text, answer these questions;


  1. What is a hobby farm?A hobby farm is a small farm which people farm as a hobby instead of doing it to make money.


  1. Why did Jessie feel like Marco needed to be entertained?He thought that he might not like the farm and might wanna go back to the city so he wanted to keep him busy to keep him entertained.
  1. Why wasn’t the sheep afraid when Jessie and Marco peered into the cave entrance?I think the sheep wasn’t afraid because he had recognized Jessie and even if he was he wouldn’t be able to run fast enough to get away.


  1. How did the sheep survive so long in the rugged high-country conditions?I think he was able to survive because of his thick wool which kept him warm enough to survive in the cave and in the poor conditions.


  1. Why was antiseptic spray used on the nicks on Stanley’s skin?The antiseptic spray was used to stop the infections from spreading anymore.


  1. Why are world records important to news media?If think it’s important because the news want to be the 1st to interview the people who re