Month: March 2022

My Time in the Water Recount

Today I will be telling you about a time I went to the pools.Today I woke up on a monday and got ready for school and after school I went to the hall because I was doing an after school program but it was our last session.When I got to the hall I waited outside until the people that were hosting the program opened.We put our bags on the ground and rushed in to grab some sports equipment.We played with the equipment until the host of the program got ready.We then got a surprise and found out since it was our last session we were going to the pools.When we got to the pools we changed into our swimming clothes and waited for everyone to arrive.When everyone arrived we signed in  and got inside the pools.There was a huge tower and it was a water park.I went over to the slide that was huge and I had to get this wristband to be let inside there.I then went inside with my brother and we waited in a line until we got to the slide.I got inside and slid down the slide and it did so many turns and it went super fast but after a few seconds I got to the bottom.I did it 5 more times and then got bored so I went to the pool and started to swim.We had these toys and we started to play with them until it came to a end.It was getting late and before we left we got to pick some kind of toy and I picked this plastic golf stick and a ball.We then headed home and it ended.