Summer Tiki Tour #Kick start

2 thoughts on “Summer Tiki Tour #Kick start

  1. Kia ora Jaxson,

    Mr Ferguson from Manaiakalani here! Great to see you’ve had a go at my activity! Love the stops that you have chosen for your Tiki Tour, too!

    That first slide in the deck after the title slide (Slide 2) is just an example, so feel free to go ahead and delete it so that it’s not playing on your slides as they cycle through.

    Well done again, and all the best for the rest of the SLJ!

    Ngā mihi
    Mr Ferguson from Manaiakalani

  2. Pizza huts better>>>

    Hi Jaxson, I hope your doing good even though its 2 am right now. I love how you picked the park because you usally ride with your brothers, thats just wholesome.

    Well have a good day and stay safe!

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