The Girl with the pearl earing SSJ

2 thoughts on “The Girl with the pearl earing SSJ

  1. Kia Ora jaxson,

    Whakamīharo ana tēnei! I like the way you have used the aspect a piece of artwork into your own imagination. I also love the way you mixed up the name into “Lona Misa” instead of “Mona Lisa,” Tino Pai!

    What other potrait would you draw?

    Ngā mihi mō te tohatoha

  2. Kia ora Jaxson,

    Simon here from the Summer Learning Journey team 👋

    Tino pai! This is a great recreation of the Girl with a Pearl Earring. You have really made it your own! The colours you have chosen look great and you have done some incredible shading on the girl and the background. What materials did you use to draw this?

    Did you have a lot of fun drawing this? What other famous drawings would you like to recreate next?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

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